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Hurricanes to take the Superugby 2015 final

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Our model got only one of the semi-finals two games. This weekend it’s the final, and all signs point towards a Hurricanes win! Its our last prediction! Next week we’ll follow up with a last post (mortem) looking back at the Super Rugby tournament, where our model did well, and where it fell short.

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Lets see how what happens!

Superugby playoff #2 weekend predictions (after the fact)

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Just to prove we don’t only alter any of our predictions based on the outcome, here is an “after-the-fact” post about last weekend’s playoffs:

Our model got one of the two games last weekend correct. This weekend its again predicting wins for the two home sides, who also have the advantage of not playing last week (although that didn’t go into the model predictions).

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Superugby playoffs predictions

The final league round of the tournament was a good one for our model, getting 5 out of 7 correct, putting us just inside the top 30% of SuperBru pundits. This weekend sees the start of the short knockout phase of the tournament. There’s probably a totally different dynamic to these games, but we’ll stick with our model for the last few weeks before taking a look back and seeing where the model did well and where it fell short.

Here are the results for the final round of the competition, followed by our predictions for this weekend’s two big games.

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