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Detraining: Part I

In high performance, we are generally focused on how athletes improve their performance through training-induced physiological adaptations. However, it is also important to understand how they are affected by detraining during times of insufficient training stimuli. In this series, I will summarise two papers published in the Journal of Sports Medicine on detraining after short and long-term insufficient training.

Detraining: loss of physiological and performance adaptations Part 1

Detraining: loss of physiological and performance adaptations part 2

Paper Sumarry (2)



Performance Programming & Excel

As strength and conditioning or performance enhancement specialists we are always looking for different ways and means of presenting our strength cards, recovery data, conditioning sessions etc. In my opinion the strongest and easiest software that we can use is Excel. Excel has proven over and over again that its one of, if not the best means of presenting performance programming. Excel allows for an array of formulae development, data extraction and data presentation that is ideal for all in the performance industry. Here is a simple performance excel that we have used at LA Performance for the past 2 years. Let us know your thoughts and opinions.

Click on the link below:

LA Performance excel programming