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Another reason not to hide your concussion

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Recent research has indicated that athletes who delayed the reporting of their concussion had longer recovery times in comparison to athletes who reported their injury immediately. Hopefully, this evidence will further encourage players to report concussions.

The study, performed by Breton Asken and colleagues and published in the Journal of Athletic Training, examined National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 athletes in the US.

A more comprehensive summary and a link to the full article is available on the Sports Medicine Research website.

Have you had experience with players delaying the reporting of concussion?

#Superugby predictions: week 12 (with a perfect score for Week 11)

Round 11 saw our model finally crack a 100% prediction rate, with all 7 of the weekend’s winners correctly identified. Most of the games were won by the favourite, but the Brumbies win was predicted by only 43% of Superbru’s users. Not that we care of course, since we’re all about the science, but we’re up into the top 25% on the Superbru leaderboard. Here are the games from last weekend:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.34.36 PM

Here are the predictions for the week ahead. Looking at the predicted win margins, it looks like a tough weekend, with a strong possibility of our model being brought back down to earth with a thud:

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#Superugby predictions week 11

Another tough weekend for us with just two out of seven games correctly predicted. The last few weekends have thrown up quite a few upsets, which our model hasn’t been able to predict. Fortunately, not many other people have either – which means our model still sits at around the 40th percentile of Superbru users. In other words, we’re doing better than 40% of pundits, but worse than 60%, not bad but not fantastic! Here are the games from last weekend:

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Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.00.19 PM