RUGBY ONSLAUGHT: Piri Weepu badly knocked out versus Highlanders

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KO’d: Piri Weepu badly knocked out versus Highlanders

JamesBrown‘s insight:

There was plenty of Twitter discussion about Piri Weepu’s concussion this weekend – in case you missed it:


Although the injury looked traumatic, I would argue that this is a "preferable" concussion.


"Perferable" in the sense that there was absolutely NO DEBATE as to whether Weepu was concussed or not: the player’s obvious Loss of Conciousness (LOC) confirmed his diagnosis for not just the team medical staff, but also for the fans and spectators watching the game.


The problematic concussion cases in collision sports are those that do NOT present with classic signs of concussion – players feel "foggy" or out of sorts either during or after a game. The macho nature of rugby would often not permit such lowly symptoms to warrant a player missing training or match. Yet research has indicated that repeated knocks of this, less obvious nature can have dangerous long term effects for players. Thus, one should err on the side of caution with concussion and follow the mantra of leading researchers in this field currently: "If in doubt, sit ’em out!"

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