Start them young – Outline for youth resistance training: the 2014 International Consensus Position Statement

Youth resistance training.001

For guidelines on developing athletes over the long term the Youth Physical Development Model by Lloyd and Oliver is a good starting point.

Below are guidelines outlined for males and females.


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 4.21.10 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 4.21.40 PM

Font size refers to importance

Light blue boxes for males and light pink boxes for females refer to preadolescent periods of adaptation

Dark blue boxes for males and dark pink boxes for females refer to adolescent periods of adaptation.

FMS = fundamental movement skills

MC = metabolic conditioning

PHV = peak height velocity

SSS = sport-specific skills

YPD = youth physical development.

Note, these are guidelines, and ideally programs should individualised according to the factors outlined above.


Lloyd R, Oliver JL. The youth physical development model: A new approach to longterm athletic development. Strength & Condit J 2012;34(3):61-72.

Lloyd RS,Faigenbaum AD, Stone MH, et al. Br J Sports Med. Published Online First:  September 20, 2013 doi:10.1136bjsports-2013-092952


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