Best treatment for concussion involves rehabilitative, sub-symptom exercise

This week, Shameemah Abrahams has made a visual summary of a review article: “Effect of rest and treatment on sports concussion” which appeared in British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2013 (Vol 37, pages 304-307). The authors of the article were: KJ Schneider, GL Iverson, CA Emery, P McCrory, SA Herring and WH Meeuwisse.

You can see Shameemah’s take-home message from this article was in the screenshot of her infographic, below. To view Shameemah’s original infographic click on this link:


About Shameemah
Shameemah Abrahams majored in Biochemistry and Physiology for her undergraduate BSc (2008 – 2010) with honours in Physiology, specialising in Neuroscience, (2011) at the University of Cape Town (UCT). She is currently in her first year as a Phd student at the UCT/MRC Exercise Science and Sports Medicine research unit, UCT. Her Phd project deals with the identification of genetic and non-genetic predisposing factors of concussion risk in South African rugby players. Her research interests include brain injury, physiological changes during exercise and genetic predisposition to injury.

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