Another reason not to hide your concussion

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Recent research has indicated that athletes who delayed the reporting of their concussion had longer recovery times in comparison to athletes who reported their injury immediately. Hopefully, this evidence will further encourage players to report concussions.

The study, performed by Breton Asken and colleagues and published in the Journal of Athletic Training, examined National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 athletes in the US.

A more comprehensive summary and a link to the full article is available on the Sports Medicine Research website.

Have you had experience with players delaying the reporting of concussion?


  1. Sean Finaughty

    This probably one of our biggest problem at a school level. Kids don’t want to be booked of or feel to much pressure from coaches (especially in season) to report it. The paradox is exactly as stated in our article; that by not reporting it initially in the hope to spend less time out, they end up with an extended recovery period.

    • Sharief Hendricks

      Thanks for your feedback, Sean.

      It is a big problem, and one that probably gets worse the with increasing competitiveness…


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